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Thank-you for your interest in Gentle Earth Products. We are a Victoria-based company, proud to be Canadian owned and operated, that ships across Canada and the USA.

As we, as a species, evolve into greater environmental and health awareness, Gentle Earth is committed to supplying you, our customers, with quality eco-friendly products that protect you, your family and future generations. Our distinct all-natural products represent the ultimate quality in Home Care, Human Care & Pet Care, while caring for the gentle Earth we all share.

Our Home Care line is derived from 35 years of experience in the cleaning industry.  It is comprised of a complete line of exceptional environmentally-friendly cleaning products including high-quality microfiber cloths & mops, non-toxic disinfectants, natural orange cleaners, and chemical-free cleaning solutions, as well as air purifiers and HEPA vacuums.  We focus our attention on Canadian-made products but also import superior cleaning solutions from Austria and Sweden.  Our European microfiber cloths and cleaners are of the highest quality in the world.

Our Body Care line offers a full range of all-natural skin care products from Specialty Lotions and Anti-Aging Serums to Natural Perfumes and Pet Shampoos. The items we carry are specially formulated to nourish the body with premium, natural ingredients coveted by naturopaths and scientists.  Just one exceptional ingredient we commonly use is Neem Oil, an ancient botanical which is renowned for its healing and anti-septic properties.

We have recently introduced a line of HEALTHY RAW CHOCOLATE!  It is FREE OF DAIRY, GLUTEN, SOY & SUGAR - sweetened only with Van Isle Honey and Goji Berries. Available in Bee Pollen, Sacred Spice & Hempermint.  Just another reason to LOVE US

Gentle Earth Products Ltd. is dedicated to inspiring a Healthy Lifestyle for all, which is why we offer sustainable solutions for individuals, retailers and commercial clients. Consulting services and products provided for transitioning to eco-friendly practices in B&B's, Hotels, Institutions, Daycares, Offices and many other business environments. Call us TODAY, if your workplace is ready to GO GREEN!

We encourage you to contact us at any time with questions, feedback and testimonials, as you are, after all, the most important part of our business. We are committed to improving your environment by providing you with all the tools you need to be “Clean and Green” and look forward to helping you make your home, a healthy home – the all natural way. Thank-you for choosing Gentle Earth.  We hope you enjoy our products as much as we do!

To your home’s health,

Scott Kelly & Blythe MacDonald
Gentle Earth Products Ltd.


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