Liquid Castile Soap - Island Essentials Unscented 500ml

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Our 100% natural Castile Soap with nothing added. This hypo-allergenic unscented soap is 100% natural and is great for people with chemical sensitivities, new borns and public places and scent free environments.  Made from a blend of oil mixed with Lye to 'soaponify' into liquid soap, there is no chemicals added and can be used for hands, hair, body and other uses such as laundry detergent. It is bio-degradeable and septic friendly. Enjoy how REAL SOAP feels on your skin. It doesn't strip the protective mantle on the skin, allowing for cleaning without drying the skin, our largest organ. Our thicker consistency makes this castile soap a winner with great lather. We guarrantee you will love our soap. 

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