Microfiber Mop - Small (12") - with Blue Damp Pad


Remarkable microfiber floor cleaning system surpasses all others. Quality, height-adjustable handle and swiveling mop make for quick easy cleaning for all floors. Ideal on hardwood, laminate, tiles, linoleum floors, and walls. Clean with just water or wash floors to a streak free finish with Gentle Earth Hardwood Floor Cleaner or just water.

The microfiber flat mop system works particularly well to eliminate dust, even microfine dust. Ingrained dirt, oil and grease are quickly and easily removed. No build-up is left on surfaces which commonly attract dirt. The positive charge of the microfiber pads gives tiles and other floor surfaces and unsurpassed shine.

Optional dry white pad to pick up dust from hard surface floors, dust and cobwebs from ceilings, walls, windows and skylights. Shake pad to release dirt.

Dampen the blue pad to wash floors, walls, ceiling, wallpaper and skylights. Rinse pad under hot water, wring out well and shake out.

Mop Set Includes: Lightweight Telescopic handle and Base plate with velcro, Microfiber Damp Pad.

Other accessories available for your small floor cleaning system:

- White Dry 35cm pad for dusting

All-Purpose Cloth (32x32 cm) for cleaning delicate wallpaper and wall

- Window Cloth (32x32 cm) for high windows


What People Are Saying

I never thought I could be excited about a mop, but your Gentle Earth Floor Cleaning System, has proved to work much better than I had ever expected. I like the fact that it is environmentally friendly, which is very important to me. We have just redone about 800sq. ft. of our home in ceramic tile. Our exciting floor means a lot of area to keep clean and the mop does the job beautifully and is not labour intensive. I have recommended your product to others and will continue to do so

L. Begusich

I love the Gentle Earth Floor Cleaning System. My 14 year old dull linoleum has made a comeback thanks to my wonderful mop. The linoleum shines - and I'm only using water to clean it!

K. Day

One of my favourite Gentle Earth products is the Floor Cleaning System. It is incredible! My husband had quit smoking and we washed the walls with cleaners and a cloth. I purchased the mop and was told it was great for walls. Well, they weren't kidding. You would not believe all the brown that had come off the walls when I washed them with the mop. Just think, we had just recently washed the walls the old way and when I had gone over the walls with the mop it was unbelievable. It was way less work and I didn't need to stand on a chair or a ladder. Thanks very much!


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