"Flower Power" Carpet & Upholstery Cleaner - Super Concentrate (1L)


All Natural - SUPER Concentrated

100% Natural Carpet Cleaner. Unique, powerful and effective.

Super Concentrated Formula is the economical choice. A little goes a long way, uses less product for a more effective clean.

Only one bottle required for 4000 sq. ft.

Divinely scented with essential oils to provide an uplifting experience for the home.

Size: 1L

Made in Canada

No Chemicals
» Non-Toxic Natural Ingredients
» Child, Pet, and Planet Friendly
» Safe for Chemically Sensitive People
» 100% Biodegradable Environmentally Friendly

Give your carpet that new look and clean feel without the need for toxic chemicals. This process is safe for all types of upholstery, boardroom and carpets at home, in automobiles and in yachts.

Aromatherapy Carpet Cleaning

This carpet cleaning technology is specially recommended for kindergartens, schools, nursing homes, hospitals and everyone who is chemically sensitive.

BENEFITs OF Aromatherapy Carpet Cleaning

"Flower Power Carpet Cleaner is a concentrated high performance cleaner made with a blend of eleven, 100% pure, therapeutic grade essential oils selected for their scientifically documented mold-retardant, fungicidal, microbial and antibacterial properties, and all natural & non-toxic minimally processed biodegradable ingredients. In many aromatherapeautic applications a single oil may be sufficient, however a blend of essential oils produces a synergy, a complimentary union where the functionality of the blend far outperforms the sum of the individual parts in the blend. The cleaner is specially formulated for people with chemical sensitivities and weakened or compromised immune systems.

Typical conventional cleaners and most of the so-called natural ones currently on the market use petrochemical based solvents to do the job. These cleaners leave behind toxic fumes, sickly synthetic fragrance oils (added to mask the noxious smell of the toxic chemicals they contain), and many times leave chemical residues that are harmful to humans and animals through inhaling or absorbing toxins through the skin.

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