The X-Brush is absolutely unique. It becomes charged with static electricity from the moment you use it. It picks up both heavy dust and microscopic particles with perfect ease. The reversible handle is flexible and can be used either in the left or right hand. Its rubber edge blade allows you to sweep off liquids from hard surfaces (eg: drink spilled on a table). The rotating handle moves 360 degrees to meet your needs - great for left or right handed people. The X-Shaped rubber bristles are 100% natural Caoutchouc rubber and allow you to use the brush in any direction. Squeegee attached on one side. This brush works in the smaller areas where the V7 Broom is too big - car, boat, recreational vehicle, workbench, etc. It cleans everything from crumbs on the table cloth to vegetable scraps on the counter.It can also be used as a lint brush and is fantastic on suede jackets and shoes. It's great for cleaning dust and dirt out of upholstered furniture. In addition, it can be used as an animal care brush - not only great to use on your cat and dog, but ideal to rub down horses and cowsCan be easily cleaned by rinsing under running water.For dirt, wet or dry, the X-Brush is a universal household aid!

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As I cleaned my furniture of cat hair with my brand new X-Brush, I was wondering how it would work directly on the source. I approached my big black longhaired cat with the X-Brush, assuming he would bolt or eat me. To my great surprise, he stood still and allowed me to brush him. Now when he sees me with the X-Brush, he throws himself on his back and waits for the treat. Now I have more time with my cat and need less time cleaning after him.

A. Karumo

We keep one in the camper to clean the seats and small carpets.

K. Bauder

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