"EnviroFresh" Biodegradable Laundry Powder (Super Concentrated) ***NEW PRICE***


Super Concentrated - the best way to save time, money AND the Environment!

This unique, low-sudsing formula is entirely free of phosphates and bleach, as well as caustic soda. Its surfactants are derived from coconut oil and there are NO FILLERS. All these factors making EnviroFresh a SAFE and biodegradeable powder, while still being economical - at just ONE tablespoon per load, this 1.5kg bag offers 100 washes! 

Not only does it top the list for the environment but also for your laundry. Even super soiled clothes look terrific after being washed with EnviroFresh! (To treat stains, simply rub a thick mixture of powder and water into the affected area before laundering.)

INGREDIENTS: All Natural Laundry Soda, Sodium Silicate, Coconut Oil Based Surfactant.

SIZE: 1.5 kg

What People Are Saying

Since using my Envirofresh Laundry soap I have noticed that both colors and whites have come out smelling fresh and looking very clean! Knowing that you only use half scoop (1 tbsp) per load and is good for the environment our laundry looks amazing & we have peace of mind, cost effective too!!

Ananda Tze

I love the EnviroFresh Laundry Powder. You don't need as much of it as it is all soap versus mostly chemical filler, and because of this it is also better for the environment. In addition, for the same reason it is safer for people who have homes in the country with septic tanks.

M. Rodgers

I got a blackberry stain on a white blouse. I made a paste with Gentle Earth's EnviroFresh Laundry Powder and left it on for a few minutes. I then rubbed it gently and washed it in warm water. The stain completely disappeared. The laundry powder saved my good blouse! Thanks to Gentle Earth!

A. Toop

I love Gentle Earth's EnviroFresh Laundry Powder. It cleans better than the commercial products AND is environmentally friendly. I was using a biodegradable laundry detergent from the health store. Now when I compare the price and number of loads, Gentle Earth's EnviroFresh Laundry Powder is almost ½ the price!

J. Franklin

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