Soothe Cream - with M.S.M - NEW & IMPROVED formula*now with Olive & Chamomile



This unique cream was formulated by specialists as both a pain relief cream and general skin repair cream. In addition to M.S.M (a unique plant based sulphur), our cream contains  theraputic grade essential oil of lavender and Roman Chamomile. This Formula now contains Organic Hemp & Extra Virgin Olive Oil that turns back the clock on your skin by  repairing damaged tissue and putting out any cellular fires such as arthritis or acne. Using this cream just makes you feel good. 

M.S.M~ This compound has a small molecular size which enables it to be absorbed by the skin. This form of sulphur creates a flexible bond between proteins. In other words, it makes stiff joints and skin more flexible so that pain is reduced and skin looks younger. It can be used to relieve pain, wrinkles, acne, scars, bruises, carpal tunnel syndrome, muscles and joint pains, varicose veins, psoriasis, and tendonitis.

Water, MSM, Sunflower Oil,Roman Chamomile, Vitimin E, Glucosamine sulfate, Glycerol monostearate, Whole Lemon Extract, Essential Oils of Lavender,  Cedar & Hemp.

Apply generously to problem areas several times a day for relief of pain, muscle relaxation and skin rejuvenation.

Product of Canada

Size:  Soothe Cream with MSM (120ml)

What People Are Saying

I have eczema on my wrist that has been slowly growing into a larger patch. I started rubbing in a little dab of soothe cream on it once to twice a day and it seems to be slowly growing smaller!! Thank you. Also, my mother suffers from scleroderma - which is really a symptom of a group of diseases including tightening skin and very sore muscles to name just a couple. Anyways, cold temperatures are very difficult for people suffering with this disease so when she came to visit this winter she was unable to sleep because both her shoulder and bicep muscles were just too sore. One evening, I rubbed some soothe cream into her shoulders and biceps and she got a much better sleep. She was free from the pain that had been plaguing her and very grateful!

M. Brown

I have Osteo-Arthritis in my hands and feet. I used the MSM Cream at a home demo on my hands and within approximately 5 minutes, the pain was gone and I was able to move my fingers.

J. Rogers

My six-month-old niece has eczema on her cheeks. Her mother has been using a cortisone cream prescribed by her doctor, with no results. I rubbed some of this cream on the baby's cheeks and the next morning her mother phoned me - this was the first time the redness was gone from the baby's cheeks since just after she was born. Her mother now uses the Feeling Good Cream on her baby with fantastic results - no more eczema!

D. Banns

One of my clients in my bodywork practice was having haemorrhoid problems. I gave the client a sample of the Feeling Good Cream and voilĂ ! The Feeling Good Cream took away the itching and pain.

K. Jacobson

My son has juvenile rheumatoid arthritis and he uses the Feeling Good Cream with MSM on all his aching joints. He always says it makes his pain go away. He tells everyone about the Feeling Good Cream and sells a lot of it by talking about it.

P. Hietanen

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