Microfiber Mop - Large (18") with Blue Damp Pad


Microfiber Flat Mop with Universal Damp Pad. Dry pad sold separately. You can use this mop to wash the floor by running it under the tap and ringing it out so it is "damp" not wet. This way your floor drys in minutes preventing bacterial growth. We recommend to enhance the mop's performance to use our Gentle Earth Floor Cleaner (hardwood or lino) by misting the floor prior to the "figure 8" motion of working your way out of a room.

The mop is lockable for washing of walls. Eyelets so you can wrap our window cloth around to do large window cleaning.

Our suggestion: bring the telescopic handle up to your shoulder to avoid back strain and turn your wrists so the front of the pad is always to the front thereby "collecting" all the debris.

Any questions on this technique, just give us a ring. Happy cleaning!

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