Natural Wood Balsam Furniture Polish *SPECIAL ORDER - pre buy sale deadline Feb 27th for Mid March delivery.


Long-lasting wood care. 100% Natural. Non-toxic.   

Rejuvenate your fine wood furniture to a luminous shine with precious jojoba and essential oils.  Unsurpassed natural formula offers the perfect combination of quality concentrated ingredients. If you want results, and only the natural best will do.


  • Fine furniture, wood products, cabinets, antique furniture

  • Can be used on all types of wood regardless of whether they are treated, waxed or painted.

  • Can be used in an incense burner or in potpourri for fragrance. Pleasant scent disperses tobacco and cooking smells

  • Use to remove glue, tar spots, or sticky tape residue

  • Great on water spots – As most wood is lacquered the usual moisture and temperature changes in our homes causes wood to expand and contract.  Within a short time hairline cracks will occur in the lacquer leaving the surface vulnerable to moisture.  This moisture can move under the lacquer and spread to form water spots.

  • Hairline cracks and scratches. The essential oils will even seep through the finest hairline cracks and fill the pores of the wood thereby eliminating water spots and small scratches.

  • Create wood that is resistant to dirt/moisture - Beeswax seals the essential oils into the wood leaving the surface resistant.



  • Apply a little Natural Wood Balsam onto a soft, flannel like cloth (NOT Microfiber). Dot a few additional drops onto surface to be treated and then rub evenly into the wood surface requiring treatment.
  • For a deeper brilliance and shine, polish with a dry soft cloth once dried (approx 2 hours later)
  • DO NOT use with Gentle Earth Microfiber cloth
  • Before treating light coloured wood (such as linden, silver birtch and maple etc.), it is advisable to test the balsam in an inconspicuous area of the item in question as the wood’s colour may be effected by the essential oils may affect the colour of wood


  • 250ml (8.5 fl oz) Glass bottle
  • 100% NATURAL, entirely non-toxic and contains no chemical agents. Most furniture polishes contain petroleum products that are bad for your health and the environment.  
  • Contains natural Jojoba oil to resist rancidity and Juniper oil to prevent wood worms.
  • Made with aromatherapy quality essential oils and beeswax to clean and protect your furniture.  
  •  Concentrated. Long lasting formula.
  • Contains NO WATER
  • Ingredients:  Essential oil of Orange (Citrus aurantium), Essential oil of Jojoba (Buxus chinensis), Essential oil of Silver Fir (Abies alba), Essential oil of Pine needles (Pinus sylvestris), Essential oil of Spruce needles (Picea abies), Essential oil of Juniper (Juniperus virginiana), Beeswax (Cera alba)

 Size: Natural Wood Balm (250ml)

NOTE: This product is not offered wholesale

What People Are Saying

By far the most outstanding product I've ever used for polishing furniture is the Gentle Earth Natural Wood Balsam. I clean houses for a living and lots of the houses I clean have antique furniture. This polish has restored some furniture's beauty. Truly amazing! People have also commented on the great smell. Truly an awesome product from an awesome company.

K. Cooper

I would like to recommend the Gentle Earth Natural Wood Balsam. My bedroom suite is 40 years old and is pure, high-grade mahogany. It is just beautiful - just like new - since using the Gentle Earth Wood Balsam.

S. Alstad

I just had a lady here who saw my wood cupboards and she has hired me to go to her place to do hers. I was in town this morning and another lady heard about the Natural Wood Balsam/ Furniture Polish from a client and she wants me to go and do a spring cleaning for her and use the Natural Wood Furniture Balsam on all her wood furniture & cupboards.

J. Campbell

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