Welcome to the Affiliates Screen to see benefits of being an Affiliate Click Here.

Signing Up Form Instructions

When first signing up to Affiliates scheme please fill in the appropriate form on this page. The set up cost is $50 and pays a commission of 5% on any earnings generated when customers use your link.

1.Payment details can be left blank or you can indicate an e-transfer address within Canada, or store credit.

2.The URL should be the URL of your website, if you don’t have your own website please use

3.Finally please indicate how you will promote our site.

Please Login to View/Submit Affiliate Request My account

Using and navigating the Affiliate Member Dashboard

Once you are an affiliate member you can navigate around your affiliate area, see orders placed with your link(s), web traffic generated and even create links to individual products or pages to enable you to promote them.

To create additional links visit the affiliate link tab, open a new window and browse to the page you want to create a link to. Go to the address bar at the top of the browser, then copy and paste the link into the box above “Generate URL”. Click the generate button and a link to the page / product is generated, you can in turn copy and past this link.

Commission values and status are available through the commission tab.

Settings allows you to set how you would like to receive your commission.