Earth Points – Loyalty Rewards

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Our way to say a little thank you!

At gentle earth, we greatly value our customers! It is the loyalty of our existing customers and the support from new customers that drives us. A week rarely goes by without customers, emailing or calling in wanting to let us know how much they love the products we hand make here on Vancouver Island, BC. We felt that it was time to give back and reward the customers that drive our business!



How do Earth Points Loyalty Rewards work?

Setup a member account with us and we will instantly reward you with a new points balance of 250 points to get you started, then start earning on all new purchases.

Each full dollar spent on products (excludes shipping and taxes) in a single transaction is rewarded with 1 Earth point.

Earth Points can then be exchanged for discounts on future purchases, the minimum exchange of earth points is 500 (for $5.00 loyalty discount).

To help you build up Earth Points faster look out for items which carry point incentives, this way you will hit your minimum exchange value in no time!


How long are my Earth Points Loyalty Rewards valid for?

Points are valid for 2 calendar years from the date of issue after which they will be automatically removed from your allocation.


How do I know how many points I will receive for a single item or my full purchase?

The value of points rewarded for purchasing of products is listed on the product screen (if you are redeeming points in the same transaction this will affect the points rewarded).

The value of points rewarded for a purchase is detailed at the top of the cart screen (if you are redeeming points in the same transaction this will affect the points rewarded).


How do I keep track of my points?

We like to make things as transparent as possible, please see the points section of your account admin page to find out the current Earth points total.


How else can I earn Earth Points?

Please write product reviews, we greatly value our customers feedback. It is great to get phone calls letting us know how happy our customers are, but we would really love for our customers to share this information with the world!

We reward 50 points for product reviews, this is our way of saying thank you for taking your time to get the message out there about our products! Please note that to ensure reviews are made honestly, our system only allows reviews by registered  customers that have purchased via this website.

Don’t forget to look our for items with bonus points on offers, they will be distinguished by an indicator on the catalog / product pages.



Many thanks for your continued support as we roll out our new loyalty rewards!

If you would like to contact us regarding this new loyalty rewards program please email Should you experience any problems this email address can assist you or please call 1 800 729 5716.



Terms: Please note we reserve the right to alter, suspend or halt this points based rewards system at an anytime without notice, in this circumstance existing points will retain at least the same value as when issued.