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We are all aware that what we put into our body has a profound effect on our health, but what about what goes on the body. Do we really take enough consideration over what goes onto our skin? Our natural products are carefully formulated to provide the best natural alternative to the chemical based options.

Enjoy healthy happy skin and hair with Island Essentials… nurture through nature!

New to our online store are our natural shampoo and conditioners. Sodium Lauryl Sulphate, synthetic fragrance, paraben and formaldahyde free, they feature nutrient rich herbal blends to nourish your hair and scalp. Great for all hair types, particularly damaged hair. Unscented or in one of our incredible signature blends of essential oils, give them a try you won’t go back!

Check out our incredible natural bar soap, colored with clay’s & mica, then scented with essential oils.

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Check out our luxurious Skin Candy body butter, all natural & super effective for dry skin and massaging.

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Check out our incredible natural castile soap, thickened, then scented with essential oils.

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Check out our natural lip balm, with organic oils, highly moisturizing scented with only natural flavors.

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