The “Real Soap” Revolution

Real Soap

Soap is a term which is thrown around a little too often in world of skin care. You will find many large companies create a wide range of products which look like Bar or liquid soap. They use terms like “beauty bar”, “moisturizing bar”, “Hand wash”, “Body Wash” they are typically chemical cleaning products that mimic the attributes of Soap. Some companies even manufacture detergent based products which they market as soap. These chemical based products are typically categorized as detergent cleansers.

Soap is the result of Saponification (the reaction between an Alkali and fats/oils).

Our Bar Soap is a mixture of plant based oils saponified with Sodium Hydroxide (Lye) , while our Liquid Castile Soap is a mixture of plant based oils saponified with Potassium Hydroxide (potash) at the end of the reaction the Lye or potash which is strongly Alkaline is no longer present. At the end of the reaction a natural soap base is created, from this point we continue to use NATURAL PRODUCTS.

Our bar soap is scented using only Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils (NO ARTIFICIAL FRAGRANCES), and coloured with clays (understood to benefit the skin) & carefully selected Mica. Our artisan range have additional natural ingredients (bar dependent) such as charcoal, seaweed and spices.

Liquid Castile soap is typically very thin, our liquid Castile soap is thickened with Decyl Glucoside, renewable, plant derived (from non GMO corn & Coconut) , biodegradable Eco-Cert product used for sensitive skins, it also improves the soaps ability to suds and remove oils. We scent our liquid soap using only Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils (NO ARTIFICIAL FRAGRANCES).

Our soaps use no animal products and are not tested on animals.We are passionate about REAL SOAP and encourage you to try our long lasting REAL NATURAL BAR AND LIQUID CASTILE SOAP.